Now kochur loti from Bengal to capture European markets

Now kochur loti from Bengal to capture European markets

Another vegetable is going to be added to Bengal’s export list – yam stem, or kochur loti in Bengali.

A popular vegetable among Bengalis, kochur loti has managed to create a certain market in Europe.

Taking advantage of that, the State Government has decided to facilitate large-scale export of the vegetable.

The Government is encouraging growers to grow more yams.

It is also planning to construct more modern packhouses so that the exportable items can be properly stored, as the standards for exports are very high.

Already yams (the roots, which are also popular as foods) are being exported to USA in record quantities.

Efforts are now also being made by the Government to get permission for the export of yam stems to that country.

With the help of some major initiatives, the Trinamool Congress Government has made Bengal a major source for the export of fruits, vegetables and fish across the world – Europe, USA, the Gulf countries, south-east Asia, Japan, etc.


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